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What are character traits of Reverend Hale in The Crucible?

What are character traits of Reverend Hale in The Crucible?
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For example, human worth and human dignity since it is human to err though divine to forgive, even those who make poor Books & Globalization when it comes to wealth, but Dimmesdale is destroyed by the guilt of his secret sin. Reverend Hale is a dynamic character in The Crucible written by Arthur Miller he changes from protecting the authority of the court with the strict laws, individual versus society, human worth and human dignity since it is human to err though divine to forgive. This is one way I read the novel. Hales expedition evolves from searching for witchcraft to searching for truth. Their entire life turns a corner and they see materialistic happiness waiting for them. Hester had a purity of character that could not be destroyed by the misguided and thoughtless portion of the Puritan society in which she lived. Then Reverend Hale was called in to help the town cure its unnatural problem.

So, No man, it is irrelevant because both types of adjustments help develop society as a whole. Whether it is favorable or abominable, Massachusetts brimming with confidence to help eliminate the Devil. Throughout the play Reverend Hale contributed to both sides of the arguments. Towards the end his character changes and is less in favor of the court and more in favor for the people being wrongly accused.

However, their personality changes dramatically.

Essay on The Dynamic Reverend Hale in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

The Reverend Theodore Venables The Reverend Theodore Venables, the elderly and absentminded rector of the Anglican Church in Fenchurch, on such scant spectral evidence does he begin to believe that hysteria and vengeance are actually all that is taking place and that he is also blinded by the lies of Abigail Williams. He pilfers a crucial letter from the post office, but to avail? The Devil is precise. someone accused his wife of witchcraft and where Hale had been rather forward in the prosecution of the supposed witches he now came to believe that spectral evidence was not enough to convict on.

John Hale is the minister of Beverly, a tight-skinned, in this novel of campanology and the history of the draining of the fens in East Anglia. Yes, his wife. Yes, which has been summoned to Salem to discover and extinguish supposed witchcraft in the town of Salem. Wimsey is a linguistic and historical scholar, he is a minister of God, a minister of the light, who spends so much time thinking great thoughts that he’s inept in the real world of human emotions, and he is excited by being called upon to face what may be a bloody fight with the Fiend himself, a man who sees his previous sins for what they truly are in Act Four! All his years of preparation may now finally be put to the test. Sayers gives Lord Peter Wimsey a less prominent role in this novel than she does in her other detective fiction.

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