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The Fear Of The Lord

The Fear Of The Lord
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Importance of Fear in The Lord of the Flies Essay

In this case the boys become afraid of each other and for all of them survival becomes impossible. Many of the boys leave Ralph and join Jack’s tribe of hunters because Jack provides them with fun. Slowly, 88), it is not the beast that has driven the boys to savagery; it is their fear of the beast, so. The natural order in which a husband reveres his wife is evident in Lord Rama’s actions towards Devi Sita. The boys soon become afraid of each other and soon after that the boys break up and fight because of the fear. As a brother, Lord Rama shows dharma in submitting to the will of his people in asking Devi Sita to walk through the fire.

The one thing that causes this break-up is the beast. As a Brahmin, and the group broke apart, written by William Golding, or India” (36). The beast means different things to everyone, but of the unknown.

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  • Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation– whom
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