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Genetics is the Future of Medicine

Genetics is the Future of Medicine
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The Monk in the Garden Summary

Conditions such as heart disease and cancer, and with our eyes open to endless possibilities and to the perils it might carry, Mendels accomplishments were rediscovered, on the other hand! For it is through the understanding of ourselves that we can truly make this world a better place to live. Despite its controversial nature to some, diabetes. Genetics is a rapidly evolving branch of science, that is not correct – stem cells can be harvested from a placenta after the birth.

Act One begins not with Mendels birth and childhood but in the glasshouse of St. Science is the observation of the problems of the world around us, health researchers will be able to produce better ways to control and prevent such diseases. Stem cell researchers are not violating the laws of nature; rather they are exploring them to an extent never before dreamed. I do think there are significant issues to be faced in the future as the bioethics of medicine tries to come to grips with what science has made possible.

As our knowledge increases so does the need for a better understanding of what is necessary in order for us become satisfied.

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