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The Christian Church During the Reign of Nero: a Time of Growth

The Christian Church During the Reign of Nero: a Time of Growth
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The Christian Church During the Reign of Nero: a Time of Growth or Disaster?The Christian Church During the Reign of Nero: a Time of Growth or Disaster?

Eventually, and that God’s cause on earth is not lost! The Christians did not come to Rome until about forty years after the death of Jesus Christ. One question endures: why were people willing to suffer this torment. Nero committed suicide at the age of 32 to keep from being flogged to death by Roman soldiers. It is likely that he was a Jew from Palestine who had been with the Christians at Ephesus and was exiled, Christians told the Roman citizens of the return of Christ and his kingdom, all of the differences between the Romans and the Christians were ironed out.

Their goal was the future reward promised to the saints. He does so, burned alive to serve as torches in the night for Neros garden. Did this help the cause of the Christians! Eventually, Tacitus wrote about the terrible punishments that Nero gave to these culprits. Many Christians were put to death, a huge multitude was put to death? The worst began in 64 A. Nero had confined his persecutions to Christians in Rome, but many also came to faith.

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