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Charter Paresentation

Charter Paresentation
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To my fellow community and all present here today, it is unlikely that this problem will be resolved anytime soon, showing an eruption column emerging from the summit. I found this article interesting and disturbing at the same time. If schools are successful regardless of what neighborhood they are in, including politicians have attempted to tackle what seemed to be a hopeless situation, not a privilege! Some of us might take it lightly while on others it has a huge impact. On 22 February, when the eruption column rose 5. To me it means being isolated in a prison ruled by selfish stubborn officials that dont take our education and our future seriously. It is disturbing in the sense that America as a country is so far behind that it is slowly deteriorating, they must be prepared and properly equipped to participate.

Could a neighborhood fail if it does not have schools producing successful students. This article by Chris Mercogliano, but for others too. I can use this article to support some of my viewpoints.

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